Cold Weather Can Damage Your Water Heater

The last thing most homeowners worry about is their plumbing. However, it’s an integral part of the comfort and functionality of your home. One major impact on your plumbing is the weather, and during the winter season, cold temperatures can quickly result in serious plumbing issues. Cold weather can freeze your pipes, causing overexpansion. This… Read more »

Sediment and Your Water Heater

Do you hear bubbling and gurgling noises coming from your water heater? This is the result of sediment buildup at the bottom of your hot water heater tank. Regular maintenance can prevent the buildup of sediment and increase performance and life expectancy of your tank. Over time, sediment builds up in the bottom of your… Read more »

Water Damage Prevention and Leak Detection

Some general items to check on in order to avoid common leaks and the associated water damage to your home. Below are three areas of the house and a few items to inspect to insure that you don’t develop a leak that leads to additional costs from water damage. Utility or Laundry Room Washing Machine… Read more »