Cold Weather Can Damage Your Water Heater

The last thing most homeowners worry about is their plumbing. However, it’s an integral part of the comfort and functionality of your home. One major impact on your plumbing is the weather, and during the winter season, cold temperatures can quickly result in serious plumbing issues.

Cold weather can freeze your pipes, causing overexpansion. This leads to burst pipes and forces your water heater to work harder than usual. In some instances, it results in smaller leaks that can go unchecked and cause major damage long term.

5 Signs Your Water Heater is Damaged

An important part of quickly repairing damages is identifying them. Five signs that your water heater needs repairs or maintenance include:

Water Leak:

The easiest sign to detect that something is amiss is a leak. Cold weather can actually cause the plumbing in and around your water heater to expand and contract. With older units, this can actually result in cracks, which will cause water to leak into your home, resulting in significant structural damage.

High Energy Bills:

As mentioned before, cold weather can cause water heaters to work even harder, especially if they are located in an unheated area. If you notice that your energy bill is spiking more than usual during the winter months, look to your water heater as the possible culprit.


Rust can signal either the existence of a leak, or the fact that your water heater is old. In some instances rust can even transfer into the water itself, causing discolored water to flow from your taps and sinks.

Noisy Operation:

Water heaters should work quietly and efficiently. If you notice that yours is making noises including banging and knocking during operation, there may be a buildup of sediment causing the problem.

Fluctuating Temperatures:

Is your home running out of hot water quickly? Is it hardly heating water at all? Inefficient water heating is always a sign that your water heater is in need of repair or, at the very least, maintenance.

In the event that you need a repair, or you simply want our trained plumbers to inspect your water heater, be sure to give Kenny Bunch Plumbing a call.

How Can You Prevent Cold Weather Water Heater Damage?

The key to keeping your water heater safe during the winter season is performing preventative care. One way to do this is through regular maintenance. This will include a general inspection, the replacement of old or damaged parts, and in some instances a complete flush.

Another great maintenance tip, especially to combat cold weather, is the installation of pipe insulation. These pipe wraps will keep your plumbing protected from the harsh temperatures, and also help prevent freezing pipes.