Winter Plumbing Tips For Plano, Texas

The cold air and precipitation in Plano and surrounding areas poses unique risks, and if you don’t take precautions, you could wind up with significant repair bills once spring rolls in. You can avoid winter plumbing problems in just a few simple steps by following these plumbing tips for a safe and comfortable winter transition:… Read more »


In just 10 short days; will bring the busiest day of the year in many American kitchens. And it’s no coincidence that it will also be one of the busiest days of the year for plumbers. In the emergency plumbing business, garbage disposal and sink clogs are as much a Thanksgiving tradition as turkey and… Read more »


Inadvertently clogging the toilet — or discovering too late that it’s already clogged — is one of the more embarrassing plumbing mishaps. And it can also be a tricky one to address because there are so many potential causes. The good news is that most toilet clogs can be avoided altogether with an ounce of… Read more »


Once you move on from hand-washing dishes, there’s no going back. So when the dishwasher starts having problems, there’s no time to waste in getting to the bottom of it. You can always call in a plumber — and for some problems, you definitely should — but there are some small, common dishwasher problems that… Read more »

Plumbing Issues? DIY Sometimes Not The Best Solution

Everyone loves a good “do-it-yourself” project. Until, of course, something goes terribly wrong. While there’s nothing wrong with making a proactive effort to fix minor plumbing problems or perform simple installations around your home, many do-it-yourselfers make small, but critical mistakes that can end up costing them a lot of money to fix. Here are… Read more »

How Upgrading Plumbing Fixtures Increases Home Values

A Solid Way to Add Value to Your Home Homeowners, in Plano, Texas, who are putting their property on the market, are looking for ways to make their home more appealing to the buyers and investors. Most people cannot afford to completely remodel a kitchen or bathroom. Is there a way that you can add… Read more »

Taking Care of Your Faucets

Did you know that you can make your faucets last longer? And they can help conserve huge amounts of water? It’s true! A faucet is something you turn on and off. Turn it on, you get water. Turn it off, the flow of water stops. If only it were that simple. But faucets all have… Read more »

The Dangers of Forsaking Early Leak Detection

If you notice that your bills for water are higher than usual, you may have a leak. Sometimes you may see there is mold and mildew in your bathroom, or in your kitchen and laundry room, and possibly there is a musty or damp smell in your home that indicates an issue. Health, Structural, and… Read more »

Don’t Waste Money Heating Water!!!!!

When a home owner sits down and examines their energy bills, they are always surprised to learn that water heating is the second highest energy appliance next to your heating and cooling costs. We have a few suggestions to help lower your water heating bills. Install fixtures that lower water flow:Faucet aerators and low-flow showerheads… Read more »

Why Does My Toilet Whistle When I Flush?

“Whistle While You Work” is a familiar tune, but your toilet shouldn’t be tooting away while it’s doing its job. Toilets make an orchestra of sounds when they flush, drain and refill, but whistling is out of the ordinary. If you hear a high-pitched whistle coming from your bathroom, it’s time to do some investigating…. Read more »