Careful What You Flush

According to multiple reports, there is a crisis brewing in sewer systems around the country due to the common practice of flushing baby wipes and other foreign objects down toilets. The result is millions of dollars worth of equipment damage in some of the nation’s largest cities. Toilets and septic systems are designed to only… Read more »

Plumbing Tips for Pet Owners

If your animal could talk to you, it’d probably say something like, “Hi, I love you! Also, I’m hungry.” If your animal understood you when you talked to it, you’d probably say something like, “Hi, I love you! Also, please stop clogging my drains with your fur.” As a pet owner, you know that pet… Read more »

Bubbling Noises Water Heater in Sachse, Texas ?

Do you hear bubbling and gurgling noises coming from your water heater? This is the result of sediment buildup at the bottom of your hot water heater tank. Regular maintenance can prevent the buildup of sediment and increase performance and life expectancy of your tank. Over time, sediment builds up in the bottom of your… Read more »

Summer Plumbing Tips For Plano and Richardson Texas

Summer is soon to be in full swing around the North Texas area! While you are enjoying the sun with family and friends your plumbing may be suffering. With kids out for summer and barbecue weather people tend to have more traffic flowing through their homes which means toilets, faucets, and washing machines may be… Read more »

Leaks In Your Plumbing Can Bring Bugs in Your Home

Plumbing leaks are certainly an annoyance, but they can actually cause more problems than you probably realize. In addition to wasting water and causing an irritating dripping sound, plumbing leaks can create a veritable paradise for household pests. You may not like your plumbing leaks, but cockroaches and other pests really love them. Seeing cockroaches… Read more »

Plumbers Are Super Heros – Here are Some Secret Tips

Plumbers Are Super Heros – Here are Some Secret Tips

Just like Superman Man, Ant-Man, Spider-Man and all the other superhero types, there really should be a Plumber Man superhero. After all, don’t the best Texas plumbers qualify? We’ve come to depend so heavily on always having running water at our fingertips that we scarcely think about at all. Until it stops working. That can… Read more »

How To Find Your Personal Plumber

(actually you already have) Most people tend to take plumbers for granted, mostly because they aren’t used all the time. This is usually coupled with a very basic misinterpretation of how plumbing works, which leads to a thought process of seen one plumber seen them all, but that couldn’t be more farther from the truth…. Read more »

10 Things that can Cause Drain Clogs

Ten Common Causes for a Drain Clog Grease and fatty food products. It’s a common solution to figuring out what to do with last night’s leftovers, and many of us are guilty of it. But grease, animal fats, and heavy foods cannot simply go into a drain and be forgotten forever. A good portion of… Read more »

About Pipe Insulation and Why It Is Important

Why would I want to insulate my pipes? Might be one of the questions you have on your mind when this service is recommended. Insulation of water pipes has many benefits. The first and possibly the most important to an energy conscious and savvy home owner is SAVING YOU MONEY through reduced energy costs. Pipe… Read more »