Plumbing Tips for Pet Owners

If your animal could talk to you, it’d probably say something like, “Hi, I love you! Also, I’m hungry.” If your animal understood you when you talked to it, you’d probably say something like, “Hi, I love you! Also, please stop clogging my drains with your fur.”

As a pet owner, you know that pet fur is just something you have to deal with. Something you shouldn’t have to deal with, however, are the effects of pet fur on your home plumbing. Instead, try these five plumbing tips for pet owners. A whole new world of fur-free plumbing – and healthier, happier pets – awaits!

Put strainers on all your drains

This is the biggest bang-for-your-buck tip we have when it comes to keeping your plumbing safe from pet hair. Drain strainers are cheap, easy to install, and block any unruly hair from getting in your drains.

Keep toilet lids closed

This is less about protecting your plumbing than it is about protecting your furry friend and their fragile stomach. Animals will drink whatever water they can access it, and sometimes that water has been cleaned with chemical cleaners. These chemical cleaners may leave behind residue in the bowl water itself. Avoid potential tummy trouble by getting in the habit of closing toilet lids whenever they’re not in use.

Fill their bowls with filtered water

Whole home water filtration and softening systems benefit everyone – including beloved family pets. The same bacteria and sediments that can cause sickness, fatigue, and other bodily problems in people who drink unfiltered water can plague pets as well.

Pay attention to the holes your pup digs in the backyard

Dogs can dig up some surprising stuff in your backyard. Bones, coins, old toys, garbage, plants, flowers, treasure chests, and… your pipes. Some water and sewer lines can be as close as a foot and a half from your lawn’s surface. All it could take to cause a flooded lawn is one especially exuberant labrador. Pay attention to where your dog digs and make sure they’re not putting your pipes in danger.

Use fixtures with pressure balancing valves

Pressure-balanced valves provide consistent temperatures to your shower or bathtub, even if there are fluctuations elsewhere in the house. Having them installed in the tub where you bathe your pets will make sure they’re never scalded or hurt during one of their baths.

Whether you need help installing some pet-friendly fixtures, or you just want someone to remove the cat hair clogging your drain, Kenny Bunch is ready to help.

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