About Pipe Insulation and Why It Is Important

Why would I want to insulate my pipes? Might be one of the questions you have on your mind when this service is recommended. Insulation of water pipes has many benefits. The first and possibly the most important to an energy conscious and savvy home owner is SAVING YOU MONEY through reduced energy costs.

Pipe Insulation – Heating & Hot Water Pipes

Hot water and heating pipes are often located outside the normal heating and insulated areas of the home. This lack of insulation

and heating often places pipes in temperatures that are significantly colder than the temperature of the water running through these hot pipes. This situation causes heat loss that increases the load on your heating and hot water system making it work harder and use more energy.

Hot water and heating pipe insulation is also useful on pipes located in insulated rooms where the temperature often gets “too hot” due to radiant heat from the pipes. If this situation occurs in your home, pipe insulation may be an effective way to increase comfort of that room and save money by not overheating a particular room.

Pipe Insulation – Cold Water Pipes

When pipes are placed in areas that are below ambient temperature there is a high risk of condensation forming on the outside of the pipes. Unfortunately, most pipes are located in these substandard conditions and corrosion and mold are known to thrive in moist, damp conditions. Pipe insulation prevents this condensation from forming by keeping exposed surfaces above the dew point temperature of the air and providing a water vapor barrier protecting the pipes.

Another property damage danger associated with cold water pipes that are not properly insulated is pipe freezing. Pipes located outside or in unheated areas of the home are subjected to below freezing temperatures potentially allowing the freezing of the water. Pipe insulation increases the time that is needed to cause pipes to freeze increasing the protection of your home from costly water damage associated with burst pipes and flooding.

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