Plumbers Are Super Heros – Here are Some Secret Tips

Plumbers Are Super Heros – Here are Some Secret Tips

Just like Superman Man, Ant-Man, Spider-Man and all the other superhero types, there really should be a Plumber Man superhero. After all, don’t the best Texas plumbers qualify?

We’ve come to depend so heavily on always having running water at our fingertips that we scarcely think about at all. Until it stops working. That can send even the most level-headed, rational thinker into a full-blown panic mode.

The panic mode remains until the doorbell rings. You open the door, and there stands Plumber Man! ( Kenny Bunch) He’ll save the day! You heave a big sigh of relief and welcome him quickly into your home.

No wonder they can command such high rates! In some places, people are happily paying $100 an hour to have their plumbing restored and functioning properly again.

And just like their counter-part superheroes, McKinney, Murphy, Wylie and Plano Texas plumbers have secrets. These secrets actually help you, so we’re sharing seven of the most closely-guarded ones in plumbing circles.

Please Stop Using Drain Cleaners

As you’ve probably discovered on your own at some point, drain cleaners don’t always work to unclog a stopped up drain. Not only that, they can cause corrosive damage to the pipes or even to your whole drainage system.

If the plumber must ‘snake’ the drain, he usually winds up getting splashed with those harsh, often caustic chemicals. At the very least, tell him before he starts working that you put drain cleaner down the drain.

The biggest no-no is drain cleaners in the toilet. If the plunger isn’t enough, go ahead and call your Kenny Bunch plumber for help. You really don’t want to do damage to sewer pipes.

Just Because It Says “Flushable” Doesn’t Mean It Is

Some things simply do not flush. Cell phones for example. (Yes, people have actually tried to flush them, once they’ve dropped them in by accident.) Feminine hygiene products and baby diapers are also non-flushable.

So-called “flushable” wipes (including baby wipes) will not break down as efficiently as toilet paper. Most plumbers advise not to flush anything unless it falls apart as easily as toilet paper does.

This Should Be a DIY Project

If you have to jiggle the handle after flushing to make the water shut off, you should check the flap valve. It probably needs replacement. It’s about four bucks for a quick repair, easy to do, no tools required. You can handle this one on your own!

Find Your Water Shut-Off

Locate your main shut-off valve. Then teach everyone in your family where it is. Hold drills if necessary. Getting the water off quickly in the event of an emergency could make the difference between a minor DIY repair and a down payment on the plumber’s next car.

While you’re at it, show everybody in the family how to shut down the water to each toilet and every sink in the house. It just makes good sense.

Clear Out a Path

Speaking of things that make good sense, how about making sure the Las Vegas plumbers can get to whatever you’re asking them to repair?

If you need repairs on the garbage disposal, clear out all the cleaning supplies and other items in the cabinet so they have adequate access to the disposal?

The same thing goes if you’re replacing the water heater. Please make sure there’s a clear pathway so he can haul away the old heater and bring the new one in without having to spend a lot of time moving stuff out of his way first.

Cleaning the Garbage Disposal

Once in awhile, run some ice cubes through the garbage disposal to help dislodge any food particles that may have built up on the blades or the perforated plate inside the disposal. Then throw in some lemon peel and let it run through. Sit back knowing you’ve helped extend its functionality and enjoy a clean, citrusy-fresh garbage disposal.

Dropped Your Ring Down the Drain? No Worries!

This goes for anything else you may have inadvertently dropped down the drain. Yes, you could call a plumber and he will come out to retrieve it.

But instead, you might want to consider putting a bucket underneath the P-trap and removing the clean-out. In all likelihood, the ring will fall right in the bucket, safe and sound, along with anything else that may have been in the trap. This costs only five minutes of your time.

So there you have it. Some of Plumber Man’s (Kenny Bunch) most tightly guarded secrets. If you want to learn more secrets, (or just have a plumbing repair that needs attention) give us a call at 972-249-5213. I want to be your superhero / Plumberman Kenny Bunch!