Water Damage Prevention and Leak Detection

Some general items to check on in order to avoid common leaks and the associated water damage to your home.

Below are three areas of the house and a few items to inspect to insure that you don’t develop a leak that leads to additional costs from water damage.

Utility or Laundry Room

Washing Machine – Be sure to check hoses for cracking, fraying and general degradation. Washer hoses may need to be changed every three to five years. It would be unfortunate to start a load of laundry and come back with a room filled with water.

Water Heater – In North Texas, the average life span for a water heater is 10 years. Be alert for signs of wear or leakage from wet spots to a rusty tank, and be prepared to take appropriate action to repair or replace the heater.


Sinks – A pipe can develop a link under the sink that can lead to damage. Be sure to check on these periodically to make sure no leak has started.

Toilets – From clogs to some chlorine tablet cleaners that can corrode plastic parts, toilets can develop leaks that become a nasty problem.

Showers and tubs – A leak from a supply line can leak through deteriorated or cracked caulk and sealants, causing discoloration and soft spots as well as unseen damage. Drains and shower pans can also develop leaks which require repair to prevent damage.


Sink – replace worn caulk if need to prevent leaks and periodically check to insure water supply lines and drain pipes are functioning properly. A leaking sink can lead to ruined cabinets and flooring.

Dishwasher – Dishwashers can develop supply line issues or drainage issues. If you see water or if there is a drainage problem, check to make sure the fittings are secure, the drain hose is high enough to drain, and there are no clogs in the drain.

If you noticed a spike in your water bill, hear running water but can’t find where it is running, or experience sudden water pressure issues, you may need to have a professional leak detection performed. Kenny Bunch Plumbing is experienced in leak detection and has been providing these services to Plano, Richardson, Wylie and North Texas residents and businesses for over 25 years.