Archives - April 2018


Bubbling Noises Water Heater in Sachse, Texas ?

Do you hear bubbling and gurgling noises coming from your water heater? This is the result of sediment buildup at the bottom of your hot water heater tank. Regular maintenance can prevent the buildup of sediment and increase performance and life expectancy of your tank. Over time, sediment builds up in the bottom of your water heater …


Best Plumber For Plumbing Leaks in Plano Texas

Kenny Bunch Plumbing and Repair knows plumbing leaks can be a big problem. You can face high water bills and they can also boost a room’s moisture level. Higher moisture in a room may lead to mold growth among other structural problems. Let us not forget leaks can contribute to early deterioration of your plumbing …


Summer Plumbing Tips For Plano and Richardson Texas

Summer is soon to be in full swing around the North Texas area! While you are enjoying the sun with family and friends your plumbing may be suffering. With kids out for summer and barbecue weather people tend to have more traffic flowing through their homes which means toilets, faucets, and washing machines may be …

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