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10 Things that can Cause Drain Clogs

Ten Common Causes for a Drain Clog Grease and fatty food products. It’s a common solution to figuring out what to do with last night’s leftovers, and many of us are guilty of it. But grease, animal fats, and heavy foods cannot simply go into a drain and be forgotten forever. A good portion of …


Heres 4 Reasons Why Drain Clogs Happen

Drain clogs are a basic fact of life in plumbing. Any home can take steps to prevent them—in fact, this post will talk about that a bit—but avoiding them all the time just isn’t possible. So much material can go down the drains in a home that may lead to stopping them up that we …


About Pipe Insulation and Why It Is Important

Why would I want to insulate my pipes?  Might be one of the questions you have on your mind when this service is recommended.  Insulation of water pipes has many benefits.  The first and possibly the most important to an energy conscious and savvy home owner is SAVING YOU MONEY through reduced energy costs. Pipe Insulation – Heating & …

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