Plano Water Heater Tips and Guidelines

Plano Water Heater Tips and Guidelines
We service and install a lot of water heaters in Plano.  As a service to you, here are some requirements regarding hot water heater installation in Plano.
  • All hot water heater installations are required to get a permit from the city before installing your new heater.
  • Plano water heaters must be installed in an area where there is a 30” x 30” space available to observe, service and maintain the unit.
  • Gas water heaters installed in a garage must be on a minimum of an 18” platform, which prevents possible hazards in case of a flammable liquid spill.
  • Water heaters installed above the first floor require a corrosion resistant drain pan.
Here are a few good tips regarding hiring a contractor provided by the city.
  • Never use a contractor who says no permits are required
  • Always use a licensed contractor and insist on seeing evidence of the current license.
  • Ask for references or examples of similar jobs previously performed by the contractor.
  • Ask to see the permit before the work begins.
We look forward to the opportunity to work with you on the installation of a new water heater in your Plano home or business. Contact us for your plano water heater needs.
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